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Board of Directors
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Andrea Baumann Lustig, President
Roger R. Baumann
Nadine D. Grelsamer
Ivan L. Lustig
Nicole Montalette


Today, the Association for Restoration of Jewish Works and Institutions in France (ARIF) continues to support museums, senior care centers, home for disabled Jewish adults, Jewish physicians, synagogues and libraries throughout France. Recent support includes the Memorial de la Shoah, Casip-Cojasor, AMIF, an Synagogue de la Paix, among others.

November 2014
Over 120 people attended a reception at the home of Andrea Baumann Lustig, President of ARIF, to hear French Ambassador to the United States, Gérard Araud explore the challenges of combating anti-Semitism in France and discuss the French government’s response, French support for Israel, and the situation in the broader Middle East.  The evening was sponsored by UJA Federation.

in conjunction with its recent Solidarity Mission to Paris. Before his assignment earlier this year, Ambassador Araud was France’s permanent representative to the U.N. His first post was at the embassy of France in Tel Aviv. Since then, he has served as the director of Strategic Affairs, Security, and Disarmament and as director general for Political Affairs and Security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2003 to 2006 he was the Ambassador of France to Israel. Ambassador Araud spoke of the strong commitment on the part of the French government to prosecute any and all acts of anti-Semitism as well as to increase security so that all Jews can and will continue to feel safe in France.

November 2014
In November, Andrea Baumann Lustig, President of ARIF, participated in a UJA Solidarity Mission to Paris to provide an historical context to anti-Semitism in Europe, give an in depth understanding of the current situation, and also discuss the future of European Jewry. During the visit to Paris, Andrea visited several beneficiaries of ARIF and extended her trip to include Strasbourg where she was able to visit several additional beneficiaries. 

“It is clear that the generosity of ARIF’s US donors is greatly needed to combat the growing force of anti-Semitism and preserve French Jewish culture and institutions so that they persist and flourish,” she said upon returning. France is home to 600,000 Jews, the third largest population after Israel and the United States. Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove of Park Avenue Synagogue, a participant on the trip, devoted his sermon on the Shabbat following his return to a summary of the situation. He departed the US with the question, “How could it be that the largest, proudest and most impactful European Jewish population now finds itself at the mercy of an anti-Semitic climate inhospitable not only to Jews, but to the very values of liberté, égalité and fraternité upon which the French Republic was founded?” 

Read or watch Rabbi Cosgrove’s sermon
to learn his extremely perceptive and thoughtful answers to the question. 

Eric S. Goldstein, CEO of UJA Federation, summarized the environment in France as follows:
"The situation is not bad, but neither is it good." This is the succinct assessment of Maurice Lévy, the influential CEO of the French company, Publicis, one of the largest communications firms in the world, on the current state of affairs for French Jews…..While there has long been anti-Semitism in France, as in other parts of the world, today's challenge is exacerbated by violent expressions of anti-Zionism. The growth of the Muslim population--particularly new immigrants under 30, uneducated, and vastly unemployed--provides a receptive audience, easily ignited. And when Israel is in conflict, as it was this summer, things do ignite.” Read the entire statement by Eric S. Goldstein.

May 2012: ARIF
Association for the Restoration of Jewish Works and Institutions and Moment Magazine provided sponsorship for The Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion Museum’s recent exhibit and reception featuring “The Book of Happy Writing” by artist Joelle Dautricourt. The book is an artwork of scriptural poetry in Hebrew letters.

The event was presented with the support of Ruth and Marvin Sackner and the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, and Evelyn and Bernard Korman.

Read the presentation delivered by Andrea Baumann Lustig, ARIF’s president, address to the group of approximately 100 at the reception.

Andrea Baumann Lustig, President ARIF Artist Joelle Dautricourt discusses her work with attendees

“The Book of Happy Writing”

Artwork from “The Book of Happy Writing.” Learn more

Nadine Epstein, Editor Moment Magazine, Andrea Baumann Lustig, President ARIF, Joelle Dautricourt, artist for “The Book of Happy Writing,” Richard Bernstein, NY Times book critic and former Paris bureau chief, Laura Kruger, curator, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Museum, New York, .Jean Bloch Rosensaft, Assistant Vice President for Communications & Public Affairs for Hebrew Union College